Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Tunes Tuesday! ( 3 )

Hello everyone and welcome to the third edition of Random Tunes Tuesday.  I have the most perfect song for today!
Here We Go by Roger Woods ( 2011 version )
Here we go/
Here we go/
Here we go/
Steelers, here we go/
Pittsburgh's going to the super bowl!

The main reason I didn't have my IMM up on Sunday night was because I was going nuts over the football game.  I even lost a little bit of my voice from screaming, even though I understand very little about football.  I just know that the Steelers are a common bond for almost everyone in Pittsburgh.  We're all nuts about getting into the Super Bowl, so I thought this would be the perfect song.  Okay, so it's not going to inspire any fiction writing, but it was just too perfect to pass up.  What kind of Pittsburgher would I be if I didn't post this?
From my aunt's facebook:
Good evening, Jets passengers. This is your Flight Captain Mike Tomlin speaking. Due to an FAA Advisory & rough conditions, your flight to Dallas has been cancelled. As you de-plane, please see an agent for your return ticket to NYC Courtesy of the Steelers. We thank you for flying AFC Championship Airlines and hope you enjoyed your trip to Dahntown Pittsburgh. Yinz come back now, yinz hear?
Looooove it!
Youtube | I couldn't find it to download.
Have a good day, everyone! 


  1. I spent all sunday glued to the tv too!
    If I remember correctly, Green Bay vs Chicago started around two, and I sat down to watch it, then came Pittsburgh vs NY jets and I still hadn't move,

    I had stiff limbs the whole day after that D:

    Everyone likes the steelers!
    I myself, kinda wanted the jets to win,
    but the steelers are great too, and the superbowl is gonna be fierce!

  2. @melannie skoobHaha I finished two books Sunday! My Aunt was kind of mad that I left at the beginning of the game to finish the second. I kind of just lost my voice a little.
    I wanted the Steelers to win because I was raised to love them. Can't do anything about it, haha!